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Monday, November 20, 2006

a pair of dice

paradise island is empty when your heart is full of care.

i know you want to fuck him.

you never cared about grimey when i tried to get you interested. but now that he's here it's all that. you think the tracks i sent you were sent by him.

i was out at sea. my brother was there one minute, and then he was gone. i swam and swam to find him. in those minutes i promised god or mother ocean so many things, if only i would see him again, not lose him.

i would promise all that and more if i could not lose you. but i won't cos it won't make a difference. and i believe you'd never promise anything in a similar time and place.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


you kiss him good bye, smiling. he is not smiling. you walk away, to make him leave sooner, because his nearness is inhibition. you're walking towards the evening-heavy door with music, sound, breath and the warm light of the clink of glasses on the other side. there could be a hundred people here, or three, but it's equally delicious with the thought of someone new and interesting to stumble through the alleyways at four in the morning with, laughing at cracks in the pavement and coaxing the last drops out of a champagne bottle cooing insistently.

A figure at the door raises a hand, calls your name. it's the first wave of the envelope.

the walk from the side of the road to the door is the easiest, even if it is the longest.