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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The only living person in the world

full of sleepwalkers. How can i even begin to explain it? You are alive to everything, see everything. every step is a new adventure in world that's so complicated there's a universe of revelation in every few steps: Isn't it amazing we have gravity, that we don't float away?/glass can be curved/ Wow, fingernails! - we don't need them, but we can't do without them!

The world is indeed huge and amazing with a million things going a million different places and doing a million more things once they get there. And you're the only person who realises. Everyone else is just walking around like zombies, eyes open but blind. You're the only one who sees the metallic ribbing on an oddly placed structural pillar, the tiny crabs on the beach, the grass growing by the side of the road. The world is an incredible organism teeming with lifeness, and you've just begun to explore, but the rest of the world is dead dead dead, oblivious to it all. You are the only living person in the world, and your existence makes me so very happy.