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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jehanne D'arc, La Pucelle.

And then Joan made several requests of the king, among others that he give his kingdom to the King of Heaven, and that after that donation the King of Heaven would do to him as he had done to his predecessors and would bring it back to its original condition; many other things that I do not remember were said until it was time for dinner; and after dinner, the king went for a walk in the fields, and there Joan ran about charging with a lance, and I, seeing Joan behave like this, carrying and running with the lance, gave her the gift of a horse.

1. Too Cute - girl runs about with lance after dinner.

2. Too indulgent - seventeen year old girl with weapon causes duke to offer her a present/a ride.

3. Too modern - teenaged girl with an oversized medieval armament is a common icon in our time.

4. Too much translation - spoken in french, translated into latin, then back into 21st century french by the modern historian, and into english by the subsequent translator.

5. Too close to the bone - I say it should not be cute or trite, their words were different 600 years ago. But it reads like a cute anecdote. This is one of my heroes. There should not be a cute anecdote for my hero.